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BMW to Present i3 Electric Car iPhone Applications at The 2012 Detroit Auto Show


The 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit will open its gates on January 9, but every car fan is already buzzing with excitement at the thought of it. Small wonders are expected to be presented, like the iPhone/iPad application for the 2013 BMW i3 electric.

Granted, the application is not the first one in the series, but it does however present more complex features than its predecessors.

For starters, not only does it inform the driver on how charged his car is, but it could also act as a very organized travel “companion.” Imagine having a friend plan the entire journey, taking care of practical details like where to charge on the road, the least congested routes to take and where to park. Not to mention having the car already heated up and charged for you when walking out the door.

Another feature of this great app is the Smart Charging one – no full description is yet available, but we guess it’s safe to say it will tell the BMW i3 owner when it is less expensive and a good time to charge in terms of grid demands.

Or, if you just feel like leaving your car aside and use another means of transportation for the rest of the trip, you can just make a few clicks and find out how. That’s what the BMW i3 iPhone application can do for you!

We feel that through the 2013 BMW i3 electric car and this kind of applications the company is taking the driving experience to a new level, one of safety and comfort, without compromising the environment. Hats off!

[via GreenCarReports]

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