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BMW i8 Electric Supercar Coming Out in 2014


When BMW puts something out on the market, it’s worth checking it out. This time we’re talking about the i8 plug-in hybrid, that has often been referred to as a “supercar.” Why? Because, all its features, very faithful to the original concept, indicate it.

It features pop-up doors and wing-like rear spoilers, a 170bhp electric motor for the front wheels, while the back wheels benefit from a turbocharghed 1.5L three-cylinder engine producing  a whopping 223bhp and 295lb-ft of torque.

Another aspect of this supercar you may become interested in is the fact that it’s petrol-free, if you want to. Its “black box” allows you to cruise on either pair of wheels, be them front, rear or all of them at the same time. However, being petrol-free and silent doesn’t keep it from cutting across 20 miles. Furthermore, with the 393 horses and 406lb ft of torque active, the i8 will honor its name by reaching 0-62mph in 4.9sec and a top speed of 156mph.

Another relevant aspect is the recharging time: it’s true that it takes up to 6 hours, but linking your car to a high-voltage mains will cut it down to a mere 60 minutes. Although justified, all this power (and, let’s admit it, design) comes at €100,000, with BMW officials confident it won’t scare away the customers. After all, you’re sure to get a durable vehicle, with the carbonfibre body and the rolling aluminum chassis of the Life and Drive module.

In the end, as if you weren’t already convinced, it’s time for a recap of the driver assistance systems of the ‘i’ series: if you want to accelerate, decelerate and coast by throttle order – you’ve got the One Pedal Control; the Active Brake Control works up to 40mph and recognitizes pedestrians, and the Park Assist lets you avoid small parking bumps.

As you probably are already accustomed, BMW, in its purely German style will only release the i8 on the roads after thoroughly testing it first. Then, maybe in a couple of years, we’ll do a story on its official release, and then you may head down to say, Chapman Phoenix BMW (the best dealership in Arizona), or your local BMW dealer and ask for a test drive. When you do this, please drop a comment here describing the experience – we’d be thrilled to find out.

[via CarMagazine]

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  1. Awesome. Now if Ford will get of their ass and mass produce the 600hp Electric In-Wheel Motor F150 Concept Truck they had on display in Chicago we might have a real shift in thinking going on here.


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