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BMW Megacity Sketch Revealed: Sleek Lines Breaking An EV Apart From Older Models


BMW has been recognized as a good car manufacturer, but for now it lacks electric vehicles. Only their plans could make us look at the brighter and cleaner side of their logo: the MegaCity EV, whose existence as a concept had been revealed a few months ago.

Following the information we already have, the Megacity will feature a 100 kW electric motor, and a 93 mph top speed, since it’s electric and is mainly designed for urban use. The main reason for that would be the limited battery, which would be much more efficiently used this way.

Now, BMW unveils a “teaser” sketch of a Megacity prototype, and promises to break the old design lines. Indeed, it promises much, as you can see. No further comments on that – we’ll have to wait until 2013. Of course, the fast-evolving battery industry will surely put its mark on the specs. If BMW is more conservative, they’ll lose sales. If they’re more adventurous and will wish to tinker with new technologies, they’ll benefit the same success as Android vs Apple, for example.

The approach is good one way or the other. As far as I know Germans, though, they’ll stick to a safe technology for a while.  As for the design… you see for yourself.

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