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BMW Promotes E-Mobility with Their New and Sleek Solar Charging Station


Point.One-S-by-EIGHT-and-BMW-5BMW has a brand new treat for the lucky owners of their i3 and i8 electric cars. The company’s first solar charging station, Point.One S, integrates high-tech eco-friendly innovations with beauty and convenience, in a way that only the German giant in car manufacturing can.

Point.One S is designed by the German company EIGHT, and combines various architectural elements inspired by nature. It is manufactured with minimal waste and limited consumption of energy. The beautiful shape of the charging station resembles the wing of a bird, and only compliments the incredible technological features that make the new development unique.

The charging station is equipped with solar panels and high-tech user-friendly touch screens with easy-to-use interface. In order to optimize the convenience for its customers, each Point.One S has a smart LED based illumination system, which indicates if the station is in use, pre-booked or free to use. And of course, if the charging station is not in use, any electricity that is generated is sent directly to the German grid.

But vehicle charging is far from being the only purpose that Point.One S. serves. The beautiful design is also used to promote environmentally friendly driving of electric vehicles across Germany. In fact, the technology was developed as part of a big national program to encourage e-mobility.

The first ever solar charging station of this kind can now be seen right in front of the BMW Welt in Munich, where it adds a beautiful high-tech twist to the modern environment. The makers from EIGHT however ensure that the design can be modified easily to blend in with any surrounding.

Just a quick reminder here, a while ago BMW also introduced a new direct-current fast-charging station for their i3 model, featuring the incredibly small BMW I DC Fast Charger.

Image (c) EIGHT

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