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Bolloré Group Introduces BlueCar Lithium-Metal-Polymer EV Concept


BluecarThe Bolloré Group, through its subsidiary BatScap, introduced an electric vehicle (EV) concept car using new its Lithium-Metal-Polymer batteries at the Geneva Motor Show.The Bolloré group is not trying to become an automaker, but is eager to have its battery technology used in a vehicle.

The new BlueCar with its LMP batteries offers an operating range of 200-250 kilometers (124-155 miles) and a top speed of 135 kmh (84 mph).

A full recharge requires 6 hours; a two-hour rapid charge will recover 50% capacity.

BlueCar has three front seats, and an 810-liter (28.6 cubic feet) storage area in the rear. The vehicle is a mere 3.05 metres long, or exactly the same length as the old Mini. Two fold-up jump seats can also be installed in this area, making the BlueCar a five-seater.

Lmp_illbateriecoupeThe lithium-metal-polymer cell is a laminate of four ultra-thin materials:

  • A metallic lithium foil anode that acts as both a lithium source and a current collector.
  • A solid polymeric electrolyte created by dissolving a lithium salt in a solvating co-polymer (polyoxyethylene).
  • A cathode composed of vanadium oxide, carbon and polymer to form a plastic composite.
  • An aluminum foil current collector.

The ultra-thin films are layered, coiled, then compressed into a prismatic shape and assembled into cells, which are then assembled into modules.

LMP batteries offer advantages such as a much higher energy capacity per unit volume and unit weight, and a very predictable and stable charge/discharge characteristics over varying environmental conditions-all very good qualities for an electric vehicle battery.

BatScap is not alone in providing LMP technology for vehicles or in looking for automakers as partners. Avestor, a subsidiary of a Hydro-Québec, has put its LMP modules into the prototype CleanNova II delivery van for the French Post Office (earlier post).

Electric Vehicle Battery Technology
Technology Specific Energy(Wh/Kg) Energy Density (Wh/l) Specific Power (W/kg) Cycle Life (Cycles)
BatScap LMP 110 110 320  
Li-ion 138 210 430 550
Ni-Cad 50 90 120 800
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  1. I don’t know how I feel about that. I think the concept is great obviously, you can never have too many cars like this out there and the more of them there are, the better. But these cars will need to be a lot better looking than that to tempt people from the cars they’re currently used to driving. Cars are status symbols for a lot of people and this BlueCar is not a good look.


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