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BP Solar To Build 10MW Photovoltaic Power Plant in Western Australia


Verve Energy in collaboration with BP Solar are planning to build Australia’s largest ever grid-connected solar power plant. The photovoltaic power plant is expected to generate about 10MW of clean energy and according to the two companies, it will be built in Geraldton, Western Australia.

Tony Stocken, Director of BP Solar Australia states that the plant will supply electricity to the communities in and around Geraldton and will also contribute to the WA Governmen’s 20 percent renewable energy target until 2020.

“It will facilitate the development of larger projects in the future and is likely to reduce renewable energy costs in the medium to long term,” Stocken said at the annual Energy in WA Conference.

The $58 million solar photovoltaic energy project will have installed more than 40,000 panels which will be mounted on about 4300 tables to track the movement of the sun for maximum output. The construction will start at the end of 2011 and will create approximately 50 green jobs.

[Source: Ecofriend /IB Times]

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