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Bugatti's New 800 Horsepower All-Electric Car


Bugatti has developed a new electric supercar that generates 800 BHP from onboard batteries. The prototype of this car is based on the chassis of a Bentley Continental GT and includes two powerful electric motors that are able to deliver 2200Nm of torque and an advanced battery pack.

So far we don’t now whether the car will ever be displayed to the public or when the car will be launched to the market. Company insiders believe that the model is being prepared solely to demonstrate the technology, and allow engineers to explore the ultimate performance available from electric vehicles.

One driver close to the project said that due to the battery, the car delivers “absolutely unbelievable” acceleration, way ahead of that provided by other roadgoing vehicles. The only problem the company faces is that the charge lasts “a matter of minutes” if the car is used to its maximum performance potential. The huge amounts of energy discharged during acceleration are an issue for the moment.

This prototype is not the first electric car developed by Bugatti. The company has built an electric model called the Type 56, which the founder Ettore Bugatti used to drive around the factory in Molsheim, France. This model was never intended for production, but customer demand forced Ettore to reconsider and build it back in the 1930s.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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