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California to Have 75 New Renewable Fuel Filling Stations


Propel Fuels announced this week their plans to build more than 75 new biofuel filling stations across California during the next two years.

The program, which includes these renewable fuel filling stations, is called the Low Carbon Fuel Infrastructure Investment Initiative, and is being supported by a $10.9 million grant from the California Energy Commission and the US Department of Energy.

Besides this, Propel Fuels will also invest about $16 million in the new “Clean Fuel Points”. Company officials claim that the installation of greener filling stations will create more than 450 jobs and cause the displacement of 39 million gallons of petroleum.

In California, around half a million people are owners of “Flex Fuel” vehicles, which have the possibility to run on any proportion of ethanol blended with gasoline. Propel’s green fuel points are designed to distribute both biodiesel and E85 ethanol fuel.

[Source: BrighterEnergy]

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