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Canada's Geothermal Resources Enough to Power Everything in the Country

The map of geothermal opportunities in British Columbia

Canada may free itself from oil and gas in the not-so-distant future due to its geothermal capacity. A new report says that the country’s possible geothermal wells would not only be enough to provide power to all of its inhabitants, but could provide a million times more energy than it really needs.

Geothermal energy has many advantages over wind or solar, because the power is available for extraction 24/7, while the first two depend on solar and weather activity.

The study places the hottest spots in which geothermal extraction could yield its best in British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon and Northwest Territories, and as well in other places all over Canada.

“Of anywhere in the world, Canada has the technology and knowledge to move this forward,” said Stephen Grasby at the federal Geological Survey of Canada, who led the study.

One of the drawbacks of a geothermal energy extraction system is that such a system is hard to implement because building a fully-functional geothermal system takes up to 7 years.

However, the study says that 100 geothermal projects implemented in Canada could be enough for all of their energy needs.

[via canada.com]

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