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Tesla Model S is The Best-Selling Electric Vehicle in Canada

Tesla Model S Dominates Electric Vehicle Sales in Canada
Tesla Model S Dominates Electric Vehicle Sales in Canada

In the last couple of years, electric vehicle sales have more than tripled in some places, and Tesla Model S is proving to be heavy competition for the established automakers

Of course, Tesla Model S isn’t the only electric vehicle on the market, but it is being manufactured by the newest and most successful automaker in the last half-century, Tesla Motors. Taking a look at the competition, it’s clear to see the appeal. Compact and subcompact electric vehicles, such as the Fiat 500e, Smart ForTwo ED, and Nissan Leaf, may have what it takes when it comes to price, but the Tesla Model S is in a class all by itself, the Performance class. For anyone in the market for a performance car and an interest in electric vehicle technology, the Tesla Model S practically sells itself.

According to IHS Automotive, a division of Polk, Tesla Model S occupied just 20% of the electric vehicle market in Canada, outsold by both the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and the Nissan Leaf in 2012. Just one year later, the tide has turned. For 2013, Tesla Model S sales in Canada reached 43%, better than double the previous year’s market share. Mitsubishi lost 20% and Nissan lost 5%. The other 11% is left to Ford Focus EV, Smart ForTwo ED, and Toyota RAV4 EV.

It’s easy to see why the Tesla Model S is so appealing, with a performance powertrain and features that are typically found in luxury cars, it actually outsells luxury cars. Tesla Model S isn’t only appealing in Canada, where it’s outselling all other electric vehicles, but in other places as well. Recently, Tesla Model S topped the new registrations of all new vehicles in Norway.


Image © IHS Automotive

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