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Tesla Model E to Debut at 2015 Detroit Auto Show

Tesla Model E Mass-Market Electric Vehicle Could Show Soon
Tesla Model E Mass-Market Electric Vehicle Could Show Soon

Unlike most of his projects, Elon hasn’t said a whole lot about the next model. Of course, we’re not talking about the awaited Model X, but the mass-market Tesla Model E.

If we go back to the very beginning, recall that Elon Musk explained the master plan. First, start with a couple of low-volume high-profit vehicles, which would test the waters, so to speak. Then, once people are onboard with the idea of a pure electric vehicle, unleash a high-volume low-profit vehicle for the rest of us. The Tesla Roadster and Model S, as well as the upcoming Tesla Model X, have been a part of that first phase. Is it getting people ready for the electric vehicle revolution as well as priming Tesla Motors for the phase, including the Tesla Model E?

According to a Tesla Motors designer Franz von Holzhausen (site’s in German, whip out Google Translate), the Tesla Model X is almost ready, which fits in with a possible 2016 production date. Soon after, we might see the rumored mass-market vehicle, so far dubbed by pretty much everyone, except for Elon Musk, the Tesla Model E, hitting the auto shows. Holzhausen says it could debut as soon as the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, but its design isn’t going to be the familiar Model S in a smaller package. We can expect that is won’t look like anything like anything already on the road, such as the BMW i3, which Holzhausen says looks like a piece of IKEA furniture, so it’s anyone’s guess what this new car’s going to look like.

Tesla Motors is one of the few startup companies that has actually succeeded, so it’s not going to be any surprise when a $35,000 Tesla Model E, or whatever Elon Musk plans on really calling it, finally rolls off the production lines. I wonder, given that the Tesla Model S is slowly working through the backlog of pre-orders, I wonder what’s going to happen when TeslaMotors.com opens up the pre-orders for the Tesla Model E, and how long it’ll take before production matches demand. Which isn’t a problem, because Tesla Motors is sure to continue its winning streak.


Image © Tesla Motors

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