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Honda Carbon Dioxide Reduction is More Than Fuel Economy

Honda Fuel Economy is Just Part of the Plan
Honda Fuel Economy is Just Part of the Plan

It might seem to be a contradiction that, taking a look at the average fuel economy of Honda vehicles, there isn’t much commitment to carbon dioxide reduction.

After all, according to recent UMTRI (University of Michigan Transportation Institute) studies, United States average vehicle fuel economy is at an all-time high of 23.9 miles per gallon (mpg). This increasing fuel economy comes with a corresponding drop in carbon dioxide emissions. According to Honda, for the year 2013, carbon dioxide emissions have actually increased by 9.5% Is Honda failing to meet its goals?

True, overall vehicleok fuel economy is a major part of the carbon dioxide emissions associated with Honda, but it’s not the only facet of the overall plan. If you think about it, if each Honda vehicle produced was 10% more efficient, that is, generated 10% less carbon dioxide, what would be the point if the manufacturing facility generated 10% more carbon dioxide? At best, you’re figuring on breaking even. Here’s an infographic that explains their success…

Honda Environmental Impact Report
Honda Environmental Impact Report

True, there are some great vehicles coming from Honda, such as the 2014 Green Car(s) of the Year, the Honda Accord Hybrid and PHEV, which are estimated at 50mpg and 115mpge, respectively, but Honda’s plans for carbon dioxide reduction go much further than simply reducing vehicle emissions (Honda’s 2014 fuel economy will surely take back that 9.5%). For example, as noted in its 2013 Environmental Impact Report, Honda manufacturing was able to cut 16.2% of its carbon dioxide emissions. Car shipping emissions were down 8% in 2013, and parts shipping emissions were down by 13.5%. Overall, in spite of a 9.5% increase in vehicular carbon dioxide emissions, Honda reduced its emissions in 2013 by 28.2%!


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