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2 Reasons Why White Cars Are Environmentally-Friendlier Than Black Cars


Today I realized something I already knew, but didn’t pay importance to: black cars drink more fuel than lighter-colored ones, and this is something the car dealer fails to tell you when you’re about to get the cash out and enjoy your first ride home. Why do you think this happens?

Reason #1: It happens because of you. If you live in those areas of the world where outside temperature doesn’t exceed 20 degrees Celsius, then you won’t face this issue. But if you, like me and most of the people live where summer does its thing with temperatures of over 30 degrees, then you know it’s imperative that you turn on your AIR CONDITIONING.

The cars’ air conditioning system, even if you have 200 horsepower under the hood, makes your baby sip about 1 liter of gasoline or half a liter of diesel more on 100 kilometers (62 miles). So, basically, you’re suddenly paying more for the mile than your buddy sitting next to you at the stoplight, driving the same thing you do, but whose thing is painted in a lighter color, which reflects more of the light hitting it.

So, lighter colored cars eat up less fuel just because you don’t need to turn on the air conditioning too early. Darker cars do the opposite, and are hence heavier on the pocket.

Reason #2: One other aspect of owning a darker car is that you have to wash it more often than you’d wash a white one (and that is also an environmental concern, for those who care).

I’m not saying dark cars aren’t ok, technically, it’s just they will eat more of your money, just for having that color. Think about it.

The same thing is not happening to horses, though. The black ones are just amazing, but I don’t think they mind drinking more water for that extra heat they capture by being black.

Water-powered air conditioning ideas, anyone?

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