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CARe 500: The Electric Fiat 500 Having a Prius Price Tag, Available For Sale in Europe


It looks like the Fiat 500 is the source of inspiration for many start-up car manufacturers lately. After the TwinAir enhancement Fiat did to its own famous brand and the plug-in hybrid presented in Vienna, a company called mk-group Holding GmbH, is selling a pure electric car based on the 500, the CARe 500, for an interesting price.

Mk-group, led by CEO Martin Richard Kristek, announces the price of the CARe 500 at 23,900 euros, just like the tag of the beloved Prius (more or less). With subsidies, the car can be purchased for less, although this price contains a battery leasing program that, for 150 euros per month, gives you a top-performing battery, and a flat-rate fee for electricity. If you don’t want to contract the leasing plan, the car costs from 36,900.

“The advantage of purchasing the car without batteries is that, for 150 euros per month, you will always have fully functional batteries at your disposal, you don’t have to actually purchase the most expensive part of an electric car and fuel is included at a flat rate,” says Kristek.

The CARe 500 is manufactured in Sweden by EVadapt, boasts a range of 120 km (75 miles) and a top speed of 120 km/h (75 mph). Its battery can be recharged in 6 to 8 hours in an European 230 V socket. It’s readily available for sale for anyone interested through mk-group, Hamburg.

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