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Cartoonist Waxes on Tesla Model S, Wants to Build Nikola Tesla Museum

Tesla Model S has been the only real change in the automobile in the last century.
Tesla Model S has been the only real change in the automobile in the last century.

Calling Matthew Inman a “cartoonist” isn’t really fair, but the way he waxes on about his Tesla Model S goes much deeper than simple talking heads in the Sunday Intellectuals Funnies page.

Matthew Inman runs The Oatmeal, and also runs a Tesla Model S, and we thank him for putting together an accurate portrayal of what it’s like to own a Tesla Model S, even if the language is a little off-color. Inman’s Magical Space Car stars in his latest comic representation, in which he goes on to describe everything about the car, from its futuristic and amazing powertrain, to the car’s safety record and the fires. He also wants to build a Nikola Tesla Museum, dedicated to inventor Nikola Tesla, who also happened to inspire the name of the very successful company, Tesla Motors.

A couple highlights Inman brings up about his ownership of a Tesla Model S are definitely worth looking into. For example, Inman says he’s owned the car for more than half a year, driving it over 4,000 miles in the interim. Does he worry about range? “I charge my car every night, which fulfills my daily driving needs, and I use Tesla’s supercharger stations if I’m planning a long trip… I’ve used superchargers to top off my battery in as little as twenty minutes, which is just enough time to grab a coffee…” Clearly, range anxiety doesn’t come anywhere close to Inman’s mind, but then, he also owns one of the best-ranged electric vehicles in the world, a Tesla Model S 85 kWh.

Did I mention Inman wants to build a Tesla Museum? Via KickStarter crowdfunding campaign, he was able to raise $1.37 million, saving Nikola Tesla’s derelict laboratory. It’s a start, but Inman needs a lot more to restore it and turn it into a museum. Even Elon Musk is game, and who knows if he might provide some much-needed cash or even a Tesla Model S exhibit and Superchargers in the parking lot?

Image © Matthew Inman

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