Power Tools Recharged In Less Than a Minute by New Lithium-Ion Ultracapacitor

The ultracapacitors and hybrid-capacitors produced by Ioxus are meant for high performance with low resistance, making them ideal for distributing high power amounts for acceleration, energy capture, turn on/off mild hybrids, or high power applications.
Vision G-Code's "Warp Drive" Grille

Makes Its Own Hydrogen Fuel – Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code Concept

Unveiled at the opening of the Beijing Product Engineering Centre, the Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code Concept looks like most any futuristic vehicle, except that, even...

MIT Researchers Discover Perovskite Sheets Can Improve Solid Oxide Fuel Cells' Efficiency

Sometimes, materials in bulk sizes exhibit properties totally different than when they are sliced in pieces only a few molecules wide. A news report from the MIT says that prof. Yang Shao-Horn and a team of researchers have discovered how a very thin sheet of a material called "strontium-substituted lanthanum cobalt perovskite," aka LSC, can help solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) produce a lot more electricity from the same amount of fuel.

French Nickel Catalyst Promises Cheaper Hydrogen Fuel Cells

A group of researchers from France revealed some tests in this week's issue of the journal Science that shows how platinum can be substituted with nickel, by mimicking the process going on in anaerobic-living algae. These have an enzyme, called hydrogenase, and use it to metabolize hydrogen.
"We need nuclear energy," says India New and Renewable Energy Minister Farooq Abdullah

“Please Forgive Us. We Have to Use Nuclear Energy.” – India

So were the words of New and Renewable Energy Minister Farooq Abdullah, of India, speaking of nuclear energy at the first session of the...

Smallest Hydrogen Fuel Cell for Use in Tiny Portable Gadgets

The smallest hydrogen fuel cell of just 3mm diameter was created by US chemical scientists and could replace batteries in portable electronics devices.

China’s Plans to Build Environmentally-Damaging Coal-Powered Natural Gas Plants

China is currently in the process of planning synthetic natural gas plants, which are powered by coal. Though this could be good for China’s...

Smart Fortwo MHD: Hybrid Car Without a Battery

Smart Fortwo Micro Hybrid Drive (MHD) has been available for quite a while on Europe's car markets. It's Smart's way of saying "I am cleaner than the cleanest", and a quite impressive innovation that brings some kind of a "hybrid" system into play by using a start-stop mechanism of the engine. It uses regenerative brakes, like all hybrids do, to recharge the battery, and it stops the engine when you halt at a stop light (in fact, when your speed drops below 8km/h).
origami solar array

NASA’s Origami Solar Panels

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory researchers engineered solar panels inspired by the Japanese paper folding art, Origami. They are light, foldable and easily deployable. As far as...

New Type of Battery Charges From Seas and Oceans and Discharges in Fresh Water

Seas and oceans are often seen profitable for their waves' power, but few know that these huge salt water recipients store energy in yet another way: in their salt. The new approach sees the entire oceans and seas as battery electrolytes. Interesting? Read on.