Solar Impulse HB-SIA Will Go Global, Literally, with Google Partnership

A few companies have the distinction of global recognition, such as Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Coca-Cola, or Google. Swiss company Solar Impulse could join the...

NEC Unveils Ultra-Thin 0.3 mm Organic Radical Battery

One challenge organic radical batteries have faced is to be under 0.7mm thin, so they could fit into credit cards, electronic paper devices and...

Forecast: Coal-based energy production rapidly outpaced by renewables in the US

April and May set a symbolic milestone in the transition to renewable energy sources in the USA, as the projections of the Institute of...

GEM Machine Produces Energy and Heat from Garbage

The company IST Energy has developed a shipping container called Green Energy Machine (GEM) which can turn trash into electricity and heat. The machine is very useful for office parks, universities, hospitals and town municipality which could get their electricity from their own garbage disposal. A major factor is reduced costs from garbage disposal and as well reduced CO2 emissions from combustion. The machine does pollute as it's using a process called gasification but not as much as combustion.

FastCAP Receives DOE Funding for Developing Commercial Ultracapacitor

ARPA-E, or the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy has awarded FastCAP Systems, from Cambridge, MA, with a 2.5 year, $5.35 million grant to further develop and commercialize a nanotube-enhanced ultracapacitor, which could reduce the costs of hybrid and electric cars.

H2 Energy Offers Affordable Hydrogen Generator For Home Use

Low-cost hydrogen generator from H2 Energy Renaissance is coming soon to wipe out fossil fuels. It is truly remarkable how clean energy technologies and inventions that...

Blimp Wind Turbine Can Generate Power at 2000 Feet Above the Ground

As you may know, many people became experts in generating wind power in recent years. Even so, they are still searching for more powerful, more consistent winds. For this purpose, some graduates from MIT came up with a new concept: if we can produce wind power on the ground, why not try to do the same thing in the air?
Siemens' Supercapacitor Regenerative Braking Installed in Portland

Siemens Installing First Rail Regenerative Braking Supercapacitor Storage in Portland

In order to make use of all the energy in a moving system, like a hybrid electric vehicle, for example, regenerative braking converts the...
New 1MW Tidal Turbine Harvests Ocean Energy in Sweden

Does Ocean Energy Mean Wave Power or Tide Power?

Another form of hydroelectricity being investigated involves the movement of the ocean. Here, consistency could mean the difference between wave power or tide power. Like...

Mobion: High Power Fuel Cell Batteries for Your Gadgets Starting 2009

Just two days ago, MTI MicroFuel Cells Inc. has made a press release for their third generation Mobion chip, a portable fuel cell powered device aimed for small-scale devices, such as iPods, media players and mobile phones.