Stanford Researchers Get Threefold Efficiency Gains by Binding Organic Layer to Solar Cells

While studying quantum dot solar cells, chemical engineering Professor Stacey Bent and associate Professor Michael McGehee of the department of Materials Science and Engineering coated a titanium dioxide semiconductor in their quantum dot solar cell with a very thin single layer of self-assembling organic molecules.

New Mexico Thin Film Solar Energy More Affordable than Coal Power

The biggest thin film solar panel producer in the world, First Solar Inc. is planning to distribute electricity in New Mexico at a rate...

New Polymer from Waste Sulfur Enhances EV Batteries

Waste sulfur could see new life due to a chemical process discovered recently by University of Arizona scientists. The lightweight plastic they created can...

Japan Prepares New Non-nuclear Energy Plan

Japan is going to release an energy plan next year that shifts away from nuclear power but may lead to a greater dependence on...

Air#Maze: Cheapest and Simplest Solar Powered Room Heater

"Environmental Art must work," says artist/inventor Doyle Doss. "As artists, as creative individuals, we must do all we can to make our work actually solve a problem. What we create must make positive impacts on an environment that has been severely damaged. The question for each of us will always remain, 'Is my work a part of the solution, really, or is it just a re-statement of the problem?' "

Water Powered Cars Weekly Gathering from Van Nuys, CA

Van Nuys, CA, is the place where hydrogen car fanatics meet every weekend, for about an hour, in a park. There they discuss their HHO boosters, exchange opinions and schematics, but the gathering is not only for that! They also welcome "outside" people, skeptics, who want to touch, feel and smell cleaner burning gasoline and (or) diesel. They can buy some kits or gather instructions on how to build their own hydrogen boosters.

Crude Glycerin from Biofuel Production has Great Unexpected Uses

Glycerin in its pure form is used to manufacture soap, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and many other products, but the crude glycerin is an impure form that is unsuitable for these products. But what if we could use it putting back biodiesel in its correct position of green alternative power source?

Wind-It: Electrical Towers Transformed into Wind Turbines

This project aims to adapt the current infrastructure of electrical high voltage towers into electricity generating towers. Because they are so tall and well grounded, electrical towers are best for supporting wind turbines (of course, adapted to the towers' shape).

HS Students Assemble their Own EV for Under US$1,600

The price tag of the Tesla Model S, or other EVs for that matter, did not deter these students from Rhode Island from getting...

Catalonian Researchers Develop World's First RC Car That Runs on Recycled Soda Cans

We now get to witness the world's first remote-controlled car running on soda cans, roughly speaking, brought to us by Aleix Lovet and Xavier Saluena from the Catalonia Polytechnic Institute.