Windy Day In Denmark Provides 140% of Energy Needs

It was an unusually windy day in Denmark on Thursday, July 9. So unusually windy that the country found themselves generating 116% of the...
World's first street-legal solar-powered electric vehicle in the works - Sunswift eVe 2.0 to get upgrades.

Sunswift eVe 2.0 Could Become Word’s First Street-Legal Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle

University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia – After many successes over the years, building and racing solar-powered electric vehicles, UNSW is now striking...

Large Scale Energy Storage no Pie in the Sky for UC San Diego

To prove that extensive renewable energy adoption is no pie in the sky, the University of California in San Diego recently announced that it...

New Tech Stores Solar Energy as Hydrogen

Scientists from HZB and TU Delft, The Netherlands, were able to store five percent of solar energy in the form of hydrogen using a...

French Energy Giant Total Sets Up New Solar Panels Production Line

A new production and assembly unit of photovoltaic (PV) panels will be build at Composite Park in the north-eastern region of Moselle, France. The plant's structure will consists of two production lines for a capacity of 50 MW, equivalent to 220,000 PV panels per year.
Wind turbines, just a small part of Burlington, Vermont's 100% renewable energy solution.

Burlington, Vermont – 100% Powered by Renewable Energy

If you ever get a chance, you should definitely take a ride through The Green Mountain State, Vermont, in the Northeast, one reason being...

First Offshore Wind Farm in the U.S. To Start Construction This Fall

Every project has a good side and a downside. In the case of the first American offshore wind farm, these sides seem equal. The construction of the facility is expected to begin this fall in Nantucket Sound, Massachusetts, upsetting locals and high personalities.

Conergy Builds World’s First Islanding Solar Power Project

An islanding solar project reliant on battery backup is about to undergo a two-year test. Conergy (a well-known solar company), along with Origin Energy,...

Water-Based Lithium-Ion Batteries Performance Greatly Improved

A team at Fudan University, Shanghai, China, discovered how to improve the performance of water-based lithium-ion batteries by removing oxygen from the power cells. These batteries also have great potential for large-scale applications such as storing the energy from solar panels and wind turbines.

Konarka's Thin Plastic Organic Solar Cell Breaks New Efficiency Record For Its Class

Konarka, one of the early adopters of thin plastic solar cells has recently unveiled news about their latest prototype achieving a light conversion efficiency of 8.3 percent.