A Married Couple’s Sweet Music – A Graphene Battery Printing

This couple is making beautiful music together - they've printed a battery made of graphene.  Dr. Elena Polyakova and Dr. Daniel Stolyarov, originally from...

A Better Lithium Ion Battery May Have Been Created, in Austria

Electric vehicles might become the modern form of future transportation. Perhaps, this would explain the three men whose recent design is expected to compete...

Shell Oil Company to Open 1 GigaWatt Solar Power Plant

Showa Shell Sekiyu, a Royal Dutch Shell subsidiary, the one of Japan largest oil company will invest 100 billion yen($938 mil) in a giant solar panel powered plant, AFP says.

Apple’s North Carolina Data Center to Be Powered by Nation’s Largest User-Owned Solar Array

The intelligence behind Apple's Siri is going to be run by the data center powered by the largest end-user-owned solar array. The company that...

Solar Impulse HB-SIA Will Go Global, Literally, with Google Partnership

A few companies have the distinction of global recognition, such as Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Coca-Cola, or Google. Swiss company Solar Impulse could join the...

Solar Impulse Aircraft to Make the First Solar-Powered Flight Around the World

The Solar Impulse aircraft, officially known as HB-SIA, successfully underwent its first engine run up on Friday at an airbase near Zurich in Switzerland. It is designed to make the first solar-powered flight around the world.
Undersea power line

Undersea Power Line and Gas Pipeline to Help Iberian Peninsula

Portugal, Spain, and France finally agreed to build an undersea power line in the Bay of Biscay on Friday. The aim of the project...

Nissan Plans to Recycle Old EV Batteries to Wind Power Industry

To greenify their car-supported existence, Nissan has taken the decision to recycle all the old batteries from electric cars by giving them to wind farm developers - of course, at a low price.

Egypt to Have Two Villages Powered by Solar Energy

The villages (Ein Zahrah and Oum Al-Sagheer) are located in Siwa, 500 miles west of Cairo, will get their solar fix not only for schools, streets and houses but also for mosques and other local facilities.

Russia Sends Floating Nuclear Power Plants In The Arctic

Russia's nuclear power-generating ships, designed to power offshore oil-drilling platforms in the Arctic, are ready to become fully operational by 2016. The ships will be...