Black Silicon Makes Solar Cells More Efficient

Aalto University scientists have achieved an improvement in light absorption and surface passivation of silicon nanostructures after applying an atomic layer coating. This finding may...

Heliade 150, World’s Largest Wind Turbine, Installed In Belgium

This week marks an important milestone in the history of wind power generation. The news comes from Belgium, where the Belwind Wind Farm has...
solar trike

Solar Powered Trike For The Disabled on The World Disabled Day

On the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD), we would like to present the idea of this Solar Powered Trike for...

Sixtron's Antireflective Coatings Solve Safety and Efficiency Issues in Solar Cell Technology

Up to now, the most used antireflective coating method has been the vapor deposition of a silicon nitride film by using a highly-flamable silane gas, which can ignite when exposed to air. Transporting, storing, ventilating silane gas and other safety-keeping operation make the process very expensive.

Redbird Solar Water Purification System Can Process 14,400 gallons/day

The company Chemviron Midwest has developed the world's first solar-powered water purification system. The 25-feet long and 15-feet high water purification system, known as Redbird, can be completely enclosed in a shipping container, being easily transported in various parts of the world.

Oil and Gas Giants Receive Unneeded Subsidies, Avoid Paying Taxes

Shocking report by the nonpartisan research and advocacy group Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ), reveals that for the past 5 years major oil and...

WSU Researchers Creating New Compressed Material for Ultra-High Capacity Energy Storage

A new material able to store unprecedented amounts of energy and revolutionize batteries, the car industry and renewable energy sector has been discovered by Washington State University scientists by using pressures similar to those found deep in the Earth.

Harvard`s Black Silicon: 100 to 500 Times More Powerful Than Old Solar Cells

Kept in secret until yesterday, a newly appeared company, named SiOnyx, unveils an invention of some Harvard researchers, that is going to revolutionize the whole industry. Harvard has been studying their "black silicon" for almost ten years, but nothing has come out of their lab, due to internal policies regarding the output of their discoveries to commercial companies.

EAGLESolar to Determine European Solar Power Systems’ Viability

Europe is working on its own version of Google’s Project Sunroof. Project Sunroof is one of Google’s newest services, calculating potential savings when home owners...

Apple to Develop Self-Charging Solar Devices

Apple wants to develop a solar technology for its devices (laptops, ipods, etc). They want to incorporate solar panels in the devices' screen, so...