Voltaic Spark: 8-Watt Solar Powered Carrying Case for iPads and Other Gadgets

I've been writing about Nokia testing a solar powered version of one of their cellphones just the other day, and thought it's a pretty stupid idea to apply solar cells on phones since they're kept mostly inside pockets, and they aren't transparent. Today I found out that a company called Voltaic is releasing a solar powered carrying case for tablets - the Spark.

IBM and Airlight Energy Develop a Unique Multifunctional Solar Concentrator

You might wander what would happen if you bring together an IT giant, like IBM, and a small private energy company that develops solar...

Solar Power Efficiency Improved by Forecasting Cloud Activity

Solar power is becoming so ubiquitous that utility companies may need new tools to ensure they can provide steady and inexpensive power – even...

GE’s Compact Carbon Dioxide Turbine Can Power a Town

The latest development from GE Global Research is a desk-sized supercritical carbon dioxide turbine, which has the capacity to power up to 10,000 homes. When...

New German Kite Technology Traps Wind Power

The earth's winds get faster the higher they are above the surface, and in Germany, they are hoping to capitalize on that fact to...

Hyundai i-Blue Concept to Become Reality in 2012

Hyundai plans to become a leader in the field of electric and hybrid vehicles. So far the company has revealed numerous concepts and production vehicles. Among them is the 2007 Hyundai i-Blue, a zero-emissions concept car powered by hydrogen and by the last generation of fuel cell technology that the automaker has.
Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology, Seen at the 2014 New York International Auto Show

Toyota Invests $7 Million in Hydrogen Fuel Infrastructure

Toyota’s future isn’t battery electric, but hydrogen fuel cell. The infrastructure has to be there first, however, which makes this announcement not unexpected. Toyota isn’t...

ULVAC Launches Solar and Wind Powered Charging Station For Electric Bicycles

ULVAC Inc recently announced that it has created and launched a very innovative battery-charging system for power-assisted bicycles by putting together a solar generator, a small wind power generator and a battery charger.

Makani Power's New Wind Turbine Producing Energy Cheaper Than Coal Plants

Makani Power, a company that innovates in the field of wind turbines, has recently received a grant from ARPA-E for developing their Airborne Wind Turbine (AWT), they call Makani M1. Unlike other wind turbines, this one is made of a wing equipped with three small propellers which spin endlessly around its ground anchor point.

Aberdeen Researchers to Find Low-Temp Fuel Cell Solutions

Current hydrogen fuel cells work at temperatures for up to 100°C for PEM types, and up to 300°C for SAFC (solid acid). The problem with these, although I don't agree with their developmental direction, is that they don't tolerate carbon very easily, and pure hydrogen is very hard to obtain from carbon-rich sources, such as methane or petrol.