Oui! French Say Yes to Geothermal Power

The French are starting a new revolution - one in renewable energy.  Well, at least they are reviving one in geothermal power.  The country...
Aingeru Remiro-Eguskiza, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering

Bio-Oil Hydrogen Generation Just Needed a More Efficient Process

We've been watching hydrogen fuel for a while now, and the utilization of hydrogen has seen fairly rapid development, as seen in the decreasing...
Honda FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle

GM and Honda Just Announced Hydrogen Fuel Cell Development Partnership

If two companies are working toward the same goal, in this case hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, then what better idea than to come together...

Free Electricity by Using Yoghurt Pots

John Gilmartin, Scottish inventor, has found out a way to harness the free electricity from his backyard water stream near Staveley, in Cumbria, by using used youghurt pots and with the help of PhD engineering student Mr Cattley, now hopes to see the invention in the shops by the end of 2008.

Nuclear Power Surpassed By Renewables In 2011

While some political forces in the U.S. still press for funding more nuclear power more, renewable energy production has exceeded nuclear during the first three months of 2011.

New Vanadium Oxide Fuel Cell Can Both Generate and Store Energy

It is now entirely possible for electrical gadgets to keep on running after fuel is depleted. Materials scientists at Harvard have developed a solid-oxide...

Elysian Fields as Elysian Sewers: Paris and Its Geothermal Potential

The past, present and future of Paris are closely tied to the city's underground. The sewers network that today serves as the shooting ground for movies, could be used to harness hydrokinetic and geothermal energy.

Chin Strap Harvests Energy From Chewing To Power Wearable Gadgets

Harnessing energy from body movement has gained quite a bit of attention over the past years. Various technologies have been proposed that can turn...
Electric Vehicles More Efficient than Hydrogen Fuel Cells, says Carlos Ghosn, Nissan CEO

Carlos Ghosn Slams Hydrogen Car Technology

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle technology is probably even more divisive than electric vehicle technology, but automakers are pushing for this new technology to be...
Georgia Institute of Technology's Organic Solar Cell, Before and After Recycling

Recyclable Organic Solar Cell Hits New Efficiency Record at 2.7%

Photovoltaic organic solar cells have the potential to be truly green, but often their manufacturing processes are not so green. Petroleum- and silicon-based solar cells...