Texas Gets Truly Free Wind Power from 9pm to 6am

Just like everything else that is big in the Lonestar state, the wind blows big at night in Texas. This extra wind blowing so...
Gold Nanorods

Gold Nanorods Generate Hydrogen Using Solar Power

Gold nanorods, a titanium dioxide filter and platinum were used by researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara to split water into hydrogen...

An Interesting Approach to a Wave Powered Electricity Generator

I received a message today from a reader suggesting a particular website. I read the information on that particular website, and there was presented a hybrid energy producing system by using the waves as a "catalyst" for the operation of a diesel-powered generator.

Niobium Oxide-Based Supercaps Could Replace Batteries

Researchers from University of California (UCLA) discovered new supercapacitors based on niobium oxide, which will be able solve the problem of energy storage and...

Pomegranate-Like Silicon Particles Bring Long-Lasting Li-Ion Batteries

Another breakthrough from researchers working on improvements of lithium-ion batteries, comes from Standford University and the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. The work presents a fascinating...

Community Organizations Lead in Divestment from Fossil Fuels

Several celebrities, schools, and state governments have pledged to pull their investments from fossil fuel companies. Reversing funding for these oil and coal companies is...

Francois Kneider's Wave Powered Boat Working Principles

While about a month ago I was presenting an article about Suntory Mermaid II, a boat powered only by the movement of the waves, I am now presenting an inventor, named Francois Kneider, who in his seventies, continues to amaze the people who know him by the number of ideas he has and the innovations he brought to life. In 2005, he focused on building wave powered systems for boats.

Wide-Band Solar Cell Harvests Ultraviolet, Visible and Infrared Light

A group of Japanese researchers led by Saki Sonoda, associate professor at the Kyoto Institute of Technology, have built a prototype of a solar cell that can harvest ultraviolet, visible and infrared light as well. This wide-band solar cell could offer tremendous increases in efficiency.

VW Equipping Future Cars With Heat Recovery Systems

The International Thermoelectric Society website reported that Volkswagen showed a prototype vehicle equipped with a thermoelectric generator, recovering the dissipated heat energy and converting it into electricity. The prototype has been shown at the "Thermoelektrik - Eine Chance Für Die Atomobillindustrie?" meeting held in Berlin in October 2008.

Cold Mountain Tops: The Best Locations for Harvesting Solar Power

If you were to install a solar power plant, where would you? I bet your answer stands in between California and Sahara, and you...