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Cenntro Kombi CityTruck is Half, and Twice, the Electric Vehicle


Cenntro Kombi, Best Electric Vehicle Fuel Economy?
Cenntro Kombi, Best Electric Vehicle Fuel Economy?

So far, the best fuel-economy you can find in an electric vehicle is 119 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent) in the Chevy Spark EV. Can one company double it?

Of course, the Chevy Spark EV pulls off this stunt by reducing size, limiting speed and accelerating power, and an efficient electrical system. At 119 MPGe, estimated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the Chevy Spark is the best bang for your buck (spark for your buck?) you can get in an electric vehicle, not to mention the fact that the car starts around $25,000.

Of course, you’re most likely not going to use your Chevy Spark EV, or most any other electric vehicle available, as a work vehicle or making deliveries. The new pure electric Cenntro Kombi does just that, available in two body styles, as a box truck and with an open bed. With a carrying capacity of 800 pounds and a turning radius of just over 11 feet, this citytruck is perfect for short-range couriers, delivery companies, or even giant warehouses.

The Cenntro Kombi also does one better for electric vehicle fuel economy, claiming double the fuel economy of the best-available Chevy Spark EV. The 6.8 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which recharges in a little under six hours, has a range of up to 50 miles. The 12.5 kW electric motor, driving the rear wheels, accelerates the Kombi to its maximum speed in just about 9 seconds. I should mention, before you blink, that the top speed is just 31 mph. The low power, low speed (perfect speed for city, however), Cenntro Kombi is claimed to have a real-world fuel economy of 240 MPGe, although the EPA will probably run its own tests with a lower actual fuel economy rating.

True, at double the fuel economy, you’re making sacrifices regarding power and speed, as well as cargo capacity, especially in a truck, but a citytruck doesn’t need the kind of speed and power ratings that an over-the-road tractor trailer might need. A city-bound courier or delivery company could charge the electric vehicle at night, make runs during the day, and spend pennies to do it. According to some sources, the KLD electric drive prices somewhere around $9,800, so I can’t imagine that the rest of the vehicle and the 48V charging system would push the price of this citytruck much higher than $25,000, making it a great buy for companies looking to green up the logistics side of their business.

Image © Cenntro Motor

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