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Tesla Model S Now Has a Certified Pre-Owned Program


tesla-cpo-1It looks like Tesla has launched a Certified Pre-owned program for the Model S sedan. One of the CPO Model S buyers posted the photos of official Tesla CPO limited warranty document in the Tesla motors club discussion forum.

The best way to experience service is, of course, not to experience service – said Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, in one of his posts. But what if it’s a second hand car?

In the same forum, another member Tomas offered that it was launched in the last week of January as he got the information from a sales and service centre. If it is true, it sure is a soft and quiet launch. If not, the company is yet to make an announcement officially. As he got the information from the sales guy, Tomas also posted that the company is doing a 200 point check, anything below standard gets fixed and the warranty is extended by 2 years.

The member who posted the warranty document images has purchased a 2013 P85 Model S which had 13000 miles on it. He got it for $75,100 on February 20th with a total warranty of 6 years from the original date (i.e. till 2019). A few other members have also purchased CPO Model S cars in February.

A year ago, Tesla has launched the leasing program of Model S for business owners through Tesla finance. And from the last 2 years, the company had been announcing the best in the market Resale value guarantee for its Model S between 36 and 37 months (which holds true to the ones that were leased also).

Now the earliest Tesla sedans are going to turn 3 in coming June. In this juncture, starting a CPO program for the Model S means all these off-lease and resold cars will get a professional makeover and be up for their new owner. Usually in a CPO, the company subtracts the depreciation cost and sells the cars. It takes care of a meticulous inspection, greater repair and warranty coverage and certification thus allows the consumer’s mind the peace.

Tesla Roadster was also under the CPO program. Just how they displayed all the CPO Roadsters at http://www.teslamotors.com/preowned , they might do the same with Model S. Let’s see. The Model X SUV hits the market by the latter half of 2015 which would boost the CPO program even more.

Anyone who observes Tesla closely understands that its ultimate goal is to reach the mass market with affordable electric vehicles. By initiating a CPO program for Model S, Tesla took one step forward.

Green point of view – increasing the longevity of a car is certainly environment friendly. All the more, it’s an electric vehicle.

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