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“No Charge to Charge” Nissan Leaf in Texas

Nissan Leaf Charging for Free on the eVgo Texas Freedom Station Network
Nissan Leaf Charging for Free on the eVgo Texas Freedom Station Network

The offer is ending soon, but if you buy a Nissan Leaf in Texas by March 31, 2014, you can charge for free on the eVgo Texas Freedom Station network of electric vehicle charging stations.

Tesla Motors started it, with the deployment of the Tesla Supercharger network, on which Tesla Model S owners can recharge fast, and it’s free for life! Could anything make electric vehicles easier to own than free charging? Of course, most people probably leave home in the morning with a full charge from plugging in overnight, but it’s nice to know that you can get a top-off while you’re out and about.

A Nissan Leaf incentive program, running since September, 2013, offers new Nissan Leaf buyers exactly the confidence they need to get into and use an electric vehicle. As it turns out, range anxiety keeps most drivers from taking advantage of the 75-mile range of the Nissan Leaf. After all, conventional vehicle drivers don’t run their cars until the low-fuel warning indicator comes on. Texas metro areas, such as Dallas Fort Worth and Houston, already have an expansive network of electric vehicle chargers, which has helped to boost sales of electric vehicles, in those areas, by as much as 500% in the last year.

For a new Nissan Leaf owner, making the eVgo Texas Freedom Station network free, under the “No Charge to Charge” program, only makes it better! Buyers of a Nissan Leaf, until March 31, 2014, will automatically receive free access, for a year, to the Freedom Station network, which includes 23 stations in Dallas Fort Worth, and 17 stations in Houston. The network itself, made up of both LII and LIII electric vehicle chargers, has convenient locations at Walgreen’s, grocery stores, Cracker Barrel, and airports.

Photo credit: NRG eVgo Foter CC BY

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