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Charge Your Electric Car Battery in 5 Minutes


We all like our phones’ Li-Io batteries as we can charge them over and over again, with little performance loss in time. And the weight is also little. But it takes one hour or more for a phone, and when we use Lithium Ion in car batteries, it takes maybe 9 hours for a full charge.
More scientists are working to develop very fast charging batteries and results are getting out of the newspapers everyday.

Another discovery on this line, in Massachusetts Institute of Technology is promising a full charge of a hybrid battery in about 5 minutes or a phone in seconds. It can take up to 100 times less than conventional LI-Io batteries.

While normal Li-Io batteries have a slow detachment of the lithium ions from the cathode. The technology is using tiny balls of lithium iron phosphate, each seizing 50 nanometers. This way, the ions are released very fast as the battery charges. The extra coating with a thin layer of lithium phosphate, a very good conductor of lithium ions, is making the charging time shorter.

The drawback of the technology is that charging with a big ammount of current (the battery has the same capacity but we charge it in a lot less time) needs very high-powered charger,  so it might not be suited for everyone of us. This can be successfully and immediate used with the Nissan for Charge Stations to be built.

Another thing we don’t know yet, is how many charging cycles the battery is able to bear until it starts losing capacity.

Having all this said, I hope to see all fast charging batteries  very soon!

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