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New Chevrolet Impala to Run on Both Gasoline and Natural Gas, Hits Market in 2014


mm_gal_item_c2_12.img_resize.img_stage._3At the energy summit held in Washington on Wednesday, General Motors, one of the giants in the world’s car industry, announced that the upcoming model Chevrolet Impala, will run both on gasoline and natural gas. The bi-fuel model will be available to purchase as from mid-2014.

According to GMs executive, Dan Akerson, this model of Chevrolet will be the first vehicle, entirely produced by a manufacturer as a bi-fuel car in the North America. The car maker emphasized that Impala will be fuel-efficient and affordable. Cars running on natural gas usually create a fear in the driver that the tank will be replenished, but the manufacturers have taken care of that, as the car runs on the two types of fuel.

The switch between the two types of fuel will be done by a button on the dashboard. Considering that natural gas is a much cleaner fuel and its current prices are much lower, the new GM vehicle will definitely be one to consider.

During the energy summit, which commemorated 40 years since the announcement of the oil embargo against the U.S. and other countries, who took the side of Israel during the Yom Kippur War, officials and analysts concluded that the country is getting much closer to energy independence. By introducing new technologies that use renewable and efficient energy sources, the U.S. is now much less reliant on oil imported from the Middle East.

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