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Chevron and BP Ditch Alternative Energy


BPDespite their fancy and expensive commercials about their dedication to renewable energy, Chevron and BP have decided to pull the plug on solar and wind energy.

During one of its We Agree ads, Chevron famously stated, “Renewable energy is vital to our planet. At Chevron, we’re investing millions in solar and biofuel technologies.” To put this in perspective, Chevron made $21.4 billion in profits last year. Millions to the oil giant is a drop in the bucket.

In the early 2000s, BP redesigned its logo as a green sun/flower combination, contributing to the nonverbal manipulative indication that the company is ecofriendly. Also cleverly employed was the tagline Beyond Petroleum.

Despite the commitment that BP made to the environment and renewable energy, BP has been disposing of assets to pay for the costs of the oil spill in the US Gulf of Mexico in 2010, including wind farms worth as much as $3.1 billion for sale.

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  2. Why is that news? BP has already said it got rid of solar last year or so. There’s not a single link to either BP or Chevron’s announcements in this blog.


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