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Explosion at Chevron Fracking Site Wins Residents ‘Free’ Pizza


pizzatimeHow much would you pay to compensate people living around a fracking site that has just had a big explosion, leading to one death and making hundreds of residents scared as hell? You give them all a free pizza!

Apparently, this is what people deserve for being exposed to all sorts of environmental threats that are posed by the gas and petroleum extraction site. At least this is what Chevron did in Bobtown, PA. The news was so outrageous that it managed to occupy the net in a space of a few hours. Here is what happened.

Hydraulic fracturing, or most commonly known as fracking, is quite a big deal, not only from economical but also from environmental standpoint. Although it is turning out to be a big industry, this process of extracting petroleum, gas and uranium from great depths, has initiated numerous discussions worldwide, and there is a good reason for this.

The environmental risks associated with fracking are countless, including ground water pollution, air pollution, noise, spills, you name it. Shockingly, governments encourage it and many companies go ahead with it. Unfortunately, when a disaster strikes, they are shameless in their means to compensate the already very unhappy residents around the fracking sites.

So, the story. About a week ago, or on the 11th of February to be exact, a major explosion of one of the natural gas wells occurred at the Chevron-owned fracking site in Southwestern Pennsylvania. It resulted in one person dead, one injured and around 100 households in the Greene County, severely frightened and obviously very disturbed. Feeling clearly extremely responsible (NOT), the company decided to compensate all residents by giving them a free pizza voucher and promised that they will stick to their commitment to execute incident-free operations.

Any person, who reads this, would think it is a joke. In fact, even if you are one of the people, who got the so-called gift certificate, you are likely to also take it as a joke. This has got to go down in history as the worst apology ever, as one very offended Tweeter user commented. It just translates like “oh, we’re sorry, there was an explosion and a fire, but it is no biggie, have a pizza and you’ll feel better. And, don’t forget, the voucher expires on 1st of May, so be fast to go and claim the fatty treat.”

bobtownpizzaIf you don’t believe it, have a look at this photo, sorry, this “gift certificate”. It is real, and frankly, quite ridiculous. If this is the way to get free food, I would say ‘No Thanks’. Keep the pizza, collect your heavy, dirty and noisy machinery and get out of my neighborhood.


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