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Chicago's First Building Equipped With 12 Vertical Axis Wind Turbines


Chicago has become the first city that has a building (Greenway Self Park) equipped with 12 vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT). The turbines produced by Helix Wind are snugly fitted into the facade of the building, being placed in two columns on the southwest corner.

If this mixed-use project will be a success, we will probably see similar installations in all kinds of buildings. The VAWT turbines capture the wind from all directions and produce clean energy in wins speeds as low as 11.1 mph.

Costing about $16,000, the Helix S594 (the aluminum turbine used in this structure) is capable of generating up to 4.5 kW of electricity, depending on various factors such as wind conditions and the building’s location.

According to the manufacturer, each turbine weighs approximately 1,330 pounds and measures 16″x4″. This kind of wind turbines are more practical especially when wind energy is generated on a smaller scale.

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