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LED Headlights Could Add Another 6 Miles to Your Electric Car's Autonomy


I’ve said for many times that LEDs are the next big thing to come in matter of lighting. With the upcoming release of various electric cars having more or less battery storage available, LEDs seem the perfect solution for saving some energy.

The energy saved by using LEDs instead of H7 halogen lights will allow you to drive your electric hottie another 6 miles, or 9.5 kilometers, which can make a difference in time in both carbon emissions and driving range.

An OSRAM SYLVANIA manager, Jonathan Dunlop, told autoblog that “over the last 2-3 years the efficiency of LEDs has increased to the point where LEDs use less than 25% the energy of halogen bulbs.”

Moreover, LEDs have a net superior lifetime compared to halogen bulbs, somewhere around 50,000 hours, which can outlast the vehicle’s own lifetime.

You may have already seen conventional cars with LED rear lights and headlights (Audi, BMW). Considering the same source, these emit only 196 grams/100 km, compared to 768 grams/100 km of the incandescent ones – a huge difference, felt in the car’s fuel consumption and your pocket. Except for the price which will surely improve over time, LEDs are the best option right now.

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