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Chinese Grid Operators to Raise Prices, Target “Irresponsible” Consumers


It’s only logic, right: you consume more, you pay more! In China however, you pay even more than the normal “more”: starting this July, more-than-average electricity consumers will be paying up to 0.30 yuan ($0.05) more per kilowatt hour.

The National Development and Reform Commission is planning to downsize energy waste by hitting irresponsible consumers where it hurts them most: in their pockets (or so they say). July 1st will see the trial implementation of a new multi-tier pricing system that divides private consumers into three categories: the average consumer that accounts for around 80% of China’s households, the second group – 15% and the third group of the last 5%.

The first segment won’t see any difference on their bill, but the users from the second and third section will have to contribute more. How much more exactly is yet unknown, since the agency has still to determine prices according to demographics, seasons and regions, but it’s expected to be 0.05 yuan ($0.01) and respectively 0.30 yuan ($0.05) per kilowatt hour more.

The action is intended to make consumers more cost and environmentally-conscious, but also to somehow soothe Chinese power producers, who are constantly unsatisfied about high fuel prices. So the only thing now left to do for Chinese people is to wait and see in which category they fall and hope everything stays the same on their monthly energy bill.

[via Physorg]

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