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China Needed to Help Pay For Russia’s Hyperloop Project


Russia-port-of-ZarubinoThe Russian government seeks China’s financial support of the possible $500-million Russian hyperloop project. In trying to convince China to lend aid, Russia said of the 70-kilometer transportation line that it would benefit both countries.

The Russian hyperloop project would run along the Pacific Coast from Russia’s port of Zarubino to China’s Jilin province. The line would literally represent Elon Musk’s creative plan for a high speed rail system. The transportation line would be expected to reach a speed of 600 mile per hour.

The system somewhat models similar plans currently taking place in the United States. Two separate U.S. companies are motivated to out-compete each other in the quest to create a successful hyperloop line. The two different test tracks are stationed in Nevada and California. It will be some time before the test tracks will reach near perfection, as both have important downsides that need to be overcome.

For Russia, the primary problem remains to be cost. The financial burden may not disappear anytime soon, as China does not appear to grant support.

Chinese investors, according to Yury Trutnev the deputy prime minister for the Far East, will not invest in the hyperloop Primorye-1 and Primorye-2 corridors “due to the lack of economic appeal.”

Russia continues to hold hope in establishing a deal between the two countries due to China’s earlier support for other infrastructure projects. For one, China plans to devote $1 billion on a Silk Road Plan. The plan would cover re-establishing trade routes common to land and sea.

Russia’s transport minister Maksim Sokolov stated of the transportation plan, “I have already held talks with hyperloop company. We have suggested the investors consider the construction project of the zone within the international transport corridor Primorye-2.”

Should a deal fail to ensue, Russia’s next step is undeclared.


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