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New Chinese Technology To Reuse Irradiated Nuclear Fuel


Nuclear fuel is the most common source of energy available and can contain heavy fissile elements, that can be made to undergo a nuclear fission chain reaction in a nuclear reactor.

Uranium is a material with unique nuclear properties. The types of uranium that are widely used in nuclear technology are uranium -235, uranium -238 and uranium -233.

According to China Central Television, Chinese scientists have made a discovery in nuclear fuel reprocessing technology stating that the uranium supplies might end soon. China’s proven uranium sources will last for only half a century or so, but the technology produced by China National Nuclear Corp gives the country the opportunity to re-use the irradiated nuclear fuel. This way, pollution will be reduced, energy security will be achieved, and the share of alternative power sources in the energy mix will be increased.

China plans to get 15 percent of its power from renewable sources and raise nuclear power capacity to 70-80 gigawatts during the next 10 years, counting for about five percent of the country’s power capacity. It seems that the target was initially 40 gigawatts, taking into account the governmen’s statements.

Moreover, China, which is the world’s second-largest economy after the U.S., has begun investments in nuclear power as an attempt to reduce the nation’s independence on polluting coal and to destroy carbon emissions.

Currently there are about 750 tons of uranium produced in China every year, but the requirements might get to 20,00 tonnes a year by the next decade.

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