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Will Prius Be U.S. Top-Seller by the End of the Decade?


Since its foundation, Toyota relied on some guiding principles such as developing advanced technologies and offering amazing products and services that responded to the needs of customers from the whole world, or working with business partners in order to achieve long-term growth and mutual benefits.

The Prius hybrid and other related models are believed by Toyota Motor Corp to become its top-selling vehicle line in the next nine years. Toyota’s group vice president for U.S. sales, Bob Carter, stated that 2020 would end with Prius being the number one in the industry and the Camry, Toyota’s top-selling U.S. model, would be the second one.

According to Mike Michels, a company spokesman, Toyota intends to expose a larger wagon-type Prius at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The Prius’ competitors this year will be General Motors Co.’s Volt plug-in sedan and Nissan Motor Co.’s rechargeable Leaf Hatchback. The deliveries of the Volt and Leaf have already begun, not long ago.

In November, the sales of Prius fell 2 percent to 125,289 from a year ago, while Camry’s sales were 296,581. In December, Prius registered one of its best months of sales since 2000. The sales for 2010 will be communicated these days. If you are interested, U.S. operations for Toyota can be found in Torrance, California.

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