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Shelby SuperCars to Develop the World's Fastest EV


shelby-supercars_bEsxa_69Shelby SuperCars, the makers of the “World’s Fastest Supercar” the Ultimate Aero, have announced their plans to produce the world’s “fastest EV” this summer, with the development of a hybrid motorhome. The company plans to develop a hybrid vehicle with a combined hybrid range of 500 miles and an all electric range of 150 miles.

Shelby SuperCars wants to providing over a quarter of the engines needed to meet Obama’s goal of a million plug-in electric cars by 2015. The company claims that their EV will be able to make a full recharge in just 10 minutes from a standard 110 volt source.

According to company, the vehicle will be equipped with the All-Electric Scalable Powertrain. The officials say that their 175 pound electric motor fits in less than a cubic foot, and produces the equivalent of up to 500 horsepower in single motor form, that adds up to 1,000hp in dual motor form. The idea sound great, but i want it to become reality. Since they was able to build the “World’s Fastest Supercar“, i think they could build the “World’s Fastest EV” too.

[Source: Gas2]

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  1. More mountain toped fueled cars, except the Shelby one may devour mountain tops faster. The honest answer to the delema over future energy is not electric but some form of diesels, they are the most efficient engins. Our mountains serve us best by cleaning air and using it to generate electrisity without fire. Personal transportation must be diesel and those engins must rely on LNG the only fuel source we have large quantities of. LNG diesels will be far cleaner then the best electric cars and go 200% further on the same BTU equlivant of coal. AND the fuel will come from a hole in the ground not a mountain top. Besides who wants to look at mountains of dead batteries?


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