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Mexico to Build 1 GW Clean-Energy Storage Facility


At Mexicali, Baja California, a green energy storage facility with a capacity of 1000 MW is being built by Rubenius, a Dubai-based alternate energy and smart grid solutions provider. The project is planned to become operational in about six years or so and needs an investment of $4 billion.

The president of Mexico motivated the establishment of the project by emphasizing the intermittent nature of renewable energy-based power. The energy storage facilities are required to ensure a contribution of renewable energy sources in power generation.

Renewable energy resources, especially solar energy in Sonara or wind energy in Baja California, can be amply found in Northern Mexico. The Mexican government intends to establish pilot projects in order to test off-grid power systems, based on solar energy or wind energy, in remote towns and cities.

Moreover, San Diego is the place chosen by Rubenius to start its research. New products and services should be launched by the company to get more investors in the renewable energy field. As you know – “money makes the world go round.” There is also a possibility of power trading with California. Grid connectivity between Baja California and the US is already accessible.

Sodium sulfide batteries with high capacity and efficiency will be used by the storage facility. They are very convenient, since they have reversible charging and discharging cycles that give them the ability of being used all the time, without interruption.

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