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China's New Bio Energy Research Center will Turn Coal into Biofuels


China is for the moment an aspiring leader in the automotive industry and is about to bring some investors that will be beneficial for the country’s economy.

A new Zealand-based company called LanzaTech, considered an expert in turning waste into fuel, has recently signed an agreement with Henan Coal, one of the largest coal producers in China and with the Chemical Industrial Corporation for the production of ethanol fuels.

After this deal, the three companies plans to build a Bio Energy Research Center, which will be in charge with the development, pilot production and selling of the technology needed to convert coal derived synthesis gas into ethanol fuels. According to the officials, the new center should be ready by the middle of next year.

LanzaTech also said that the technology has been used to change biomass syngas at laboratory scale and so proving its worth. The producer has  not yet announced the costs of this process.

“Our partnership with Henan Coal and Chemical and the Chinese Academy of Sciences will help reduce the CO2 footprint of China’s coal industry. The Henan MOU demonstrates the continued commitment of China to the development and usage of clean energy. Early adoption of these technologies will enable China to become a leader in green energy manufacturing and use,” said Jennifer Holmgren, LanzaTech’s CEO.

[Source: AutoEvolution]

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