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Researchers Create New Electric Fuel Cell Powered by Our Own Body


Nowadays everybody’s looking to find new sources of energy. All our electronics or gadgets, including laptops, iPods, cell phones need good batteries to keep talking or playing.

The truth is that our batteries aren’t so good, being not much better than the voltaic pile battery invented more than 200 years ago by Alessandro Volta.

But now, a new discovery in this field could make out batteries much more efficient. Researchers claim they’ve discovered a new power source. According to them, a biofuel cell implemented in our arms that uses oxygen and sugar from blood could generate electricity.

The scientists are looking for compact, lightweight, dependable ways for astronauts to power space-borne electronics such as medical sensors. In the meanwhile, a satellite equipped with a biofuel cell powered by tanks of oxygen and sugar will be sent into orbit to see how well it does.

[Source: Discovery]

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