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Guinea Pigs Producing Biogas for Peruvian Family


I’d never imagine how guinea pigs could produce energy. Still, a farm from Peru uses these little creatures’ poo to create methane through fermentation and actually make some power out of it.

More than 400 pounds of guinea pig poo is processed into methane and a liquid product that then farmers can feed the plants with. They use the classic anaerobic digestion (in the lack of oxygen), a process that’s more and more popular in the U.S. lately (and that has also been popular in the former communist countries, as well).

The family that uses this system is very pleased with it, since it can cover all of their gas consumption and even a little extra. There are plenty of examples of people who did their own energy from pig or chicken farms, but none from guinea pigs, or at least one that I haven’t heard of.

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