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China's Ambitious Plan to Have 13 GW Wind Power Capacity in Inner Mongolia


If you wonder whether or not you’ve seen a “wind farm” before, let me tell you: you have! The image will pop into your head once I describe them to you: a group of wind turbines placed relatively close to each other so that they will produce electric power.

It is one of the most promising power alternatives and China, as part of the top three most successful countries to have been investing in it, has clearly grasped its potential.

Its most recent development includes reaching a capacity of 13 gigawatts (GW) by the end of 2011 in Inner Mongolia, according to what an official local representative at the firm declared on Wednesday.

Why is this important? Because China will thus increase its capacity with more than a half comparing to the beginning of the year.

In a nice orderly Asian fashion, China has taken it step by step: first, a report of the official Xinhua news agency reveals China enlarged its capacity by 16 GW last year, bringing the wind power capacity to a total of 22.94 GW at the end of August (the China Electricity Council).

Then, just this February, the general manager at Inner Mongolia Power Corp – Zhang Fusheng informed us the region is now richer by 10.9 GW. After drawing the line, China currently has the world’s most powerful wind capacity of 41.8 GW.

China’s plans for the future? To add up another 30 GW by 2015 and some 50 GW by 2020 in the words of Zhang Fusheng. It may sound much, but i’s not really in the eyes of this ambitious country, considering the fact that the 30 GW were reduced from an initial 90 GW!

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