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Chinese Government Aids The Solar Power Industry


Chinese industry officials and governmental spokesmen announced that new policies on subsidies and accessibility to the grid will soon be introduced to help expansion of the solar power procedures. Money will be directed towards solar power plants with less than 10,000 kilowatts of installed capacity.

The deputy director of State Grid Corp, the largest Chinese state-owned utility, Meng Xiangan announced that small plants will soon be connected to the grid at no additional charge associated with the procedure. He clarified that a plan for developing these plants has already been submitted to the central government.

In addition, funding might also be provided by the National Energy Administration according to amount of distributed solar power and these will come from both central and local governments.

Due to the limited subsidies for renewable energy across European Union and therefore increased demand from these countries, China’s expert-focused solar panel industry has been directly affected. Drop in panel prices with up to 30% in 2012 diminished all possible profits for the manufacturers.

The poor market environment and the anti-dumping tariffs in the US, together with the possibility of imposing import duties in Europe, limit the options of Chinese producers. This is now becoming clearer as some of the biggest Chinese companies in the business- Suntech Power Holdings and Trina Solar, are focusing mainly on their home market.

Via: Chicago tribune

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