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A Portable Wind Turbine That Fits Into a Truck Container


It is already well established that for isolated communities wind turbines are a perfect source of energy. However, needless to say, these turbines, especially the large ones, have a labor-intensive set-up and require expert knowledge for construction and maintenance.

In this respect, The Portable Power Center (PPC), by Uprise Energy, introduced a self-contained unit that can be folded up and fitted in a shipping container of a truck. The company claims that the 50- kilowatt turbine can provide enough electricity to power between 15 and 71 average sized homes, depending on the speed of winds.

The machine has impressive dimensions- 24 meters (80ft) height, 6.5 meters (21 ft) length of each blade, and 5,300 kg weight (12,000 pounds).

Each turbine is equipped with an Energy Conversion System (ECS) in order to keep track of local weather patterns. This is an onboard computer system which helps adjusting the turbine so that it can capture the winds.

The blade can be rotated at a full 360 degrees, its speed and pitch can be adjusted, and the rotor can be parked in order to avoid damage due to high wind speeds. Furthermore, the ECS regulates the constant supply of power, by storing excess energy and using it when the wind is low.

This great technology is still under development, however the CEO of Uprise Energy claims that once it hits the market, the power that is produced, based on wind speed of 12 mph for a period of 20 years would cost around 10 cents.

Via: Gizmag

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