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Fuel Cells in Ontario Wastewater Treatment Plant Producing Cleaner Electricity


From anaerobic digestion of biomass to produce biogas, which in turn is burned to produce electricity and power up their plant in California, the Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA) is now venturing into utilization of fuel cells in its Ontario plant for a cleaner and more direct means of producing renewable energy.

Due to tighter regulations on gas emissions control, IEUA has decide to implement a 2.8-MW fuel cell power plant, which will be making use of molten carbonate fuel cells provided by the Fuel Cell Energy. Instead of pure hydrogen, these fuel cells can run on pipeline quality natural gas, which emit a sufficiently small amount of carbon dioxide to pass the requirements of California Air Resources Board (CARB). Moreover, the system is capable of operating 24/7.

The said project is under a public-private relationship between IEUA and its provider of biogas systems, Anaergia Inc., such that the latter owns the power plant being built and the former will be procuring electricity generated from them through a purchasing agreement. In this manner, IEUA is able to progress fast on their objective to lower gas emissions by skipping capital campaign step.

“The RP-1 Fuel Cell Project with the Inland Empire Utilities Agency is a world-class example of how energy self-sufficiency can be achieved by generating renewable and cost effective electricity on-site under a power purchase agreement. This project will have a lasting and positive impact on the area by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District and providing long-term electricity cost savings to the district,” said Steve Watzeck, CEO of Anaergia Inc.

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