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Top 10 “Save the Environment” Ideas


It is a very well-known, sometimes even unfortunate, fact that people who care about nature and the environment, are considered let’s say different. Thankfully, in the last few years we notice an increasing tendency towards taking better care and protecting the beauty and state of what surround us in our day-to-day activities. To help those, who are still considering whether to become a bit more eco-friendly oriented, we compiled some interesting, and maybe a bit crazy, ideas that can give you that little nudge.

1. Reusable toilet paper- and we don’t mean the one made of recycled fibre. These babies are made of cloth and offer all the comfort we might need. There is a slight problem with storing and washing, but manufacturers promise that these don’t smell and soon they will even come with wet bags to contain the dirty ones!
2. No more staplers- Yes, that’s right! No more staplers on your desk. What this little new gadget does is cuts tiny strips of paper that can bind up to five pieces of paper together. And you can even get a custom-made one with your logo!
3. Grow your food in the closet- This is a no-brainer. Just use home hydroponic grow kit- something that many people have already adopted (well, mostly for growing marijuana at home). But why not produce your favourite fruit and vegg? You cut down on burning fossil fuels during transportation, you can have your pesticide-free favourite fruit any day regardless of seasonality, and if you combine it with your very own solar panels, you might just have the winner.
4. What is a “green” convention? Let’s follow the example of Denver’s Pepsi Center and make every convention a “green” one. In 2008, the attendees were not only urged to offset their travel with carbon credits, but also they were strictly watched if they dispose of their trash properly. They were given wooden cards to unlock hotel doors, and constantly reminded that they have to save water (well… by wearing their underwear four days in a row: forwards one day, backwards the next, then inside out for two more).
5. Cloud Whitening- This might sound a bit ambitious but there is definitely something out there. The idea is to use seawater and spray it in the clouds. This will make them whiter, which will block the sun rays and reflect the away from the Earth. Surely it has to work! Bill Gates is the biggest proponent of the idea.
6. The hidden power of a bra- The idea comes from ‘Triumph’ Japan. Their design has a special chopstick pocket so that women can carry their reusable utensils. In addition, the chopsticks will provide better support and “accentuate cleavage.” Of course, the story does not end here. Adrienne So, a writer from San Francisco, came up with the idea to use fabric that has tiny wires interwoven in it. Their purpose would be to generate electricity from the “natural bouncing motion.” Enough said.
7. Tempuramobile- Another idea coming from Japan. This cars run on used cooking oil from tempura vegetables and fish. The car was first presented during the Paris-to-Dakar rally in 2007 as a way of raising awareness about biofuels.
8. Worms are your friends- These little creatures, when put in the kitchen dustbin, will eat the leftovers and turn them into the most perfect compost for your garden and house plants (and why not for your fruit garden in your closet)
9. Keep the trash- An engineer from Leeds University created material suitable for construction out of waste. It is called “Bitublock” and it is perfect for building houses, while keeping litter out of landfills.
10. Biodegradable coffins- And why not protect the environment when we are not really going to benefit from it any longer. Biodegradable coffins are designed to become part of the earth over time and are made of huge range of “green” materials.

Via: LiveScience , Time Special

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