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Stamford, Connecticut to Install Energy-Efficient LED Streetlights


In order to reduce global warming and help curb costs, the city of Stamford, Connecticut is planning to install energy-efficient LED streetlights. This way, the municipality will save more than $146,000 every year.

This initiative is part of a country-wide energy efficiency and conservation project. The city has also received an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant.

Around 1,000 high-pressure sodium-based streetlights will get replaced with GE’s Evolve LED Roadway Medium Cobrahead (ERMC) fixtures.

“We looked at several manufacturers and thought the GE Cobrahead lights offered the best quality in terms of color temperature (4300 K), CRI, lighting uniformity and reduced glare,” says Nancy Pipicelli, energy & utility manager for the City of Stamford.

Unlike conventional lights, the new ones will have a consumption of 95 to 157 watts per fixture and, according to the specialists, these LED streetlights will have an estimated service life of more than 10 years.

The state’s electric utility, Connecticut Light and Power, will also allocate a $357,000 rebate to the city of Stamford. The money will be used for the future 467 energy-efficient streetlights that will be installed on the streets next year.

[via Cleantechnica]

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