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This Energy-Saving Device Could Cut Your Bill by 70%


Energy Saving DeviceIf you have to pay a lot for electricity, it is bad for both you and the environment. In most of the cases, you do not have to use that much energy, but you just forget about something turned on, or do not think about it at all. So, how can you save some money on electricity without wasting your time on it?

The Xia Wireless Energy Saving Device can help you with it. The device has two parts: a door sensor and a ceiling-mounted device. The first one detects when someone leaves the room and turns off the air conditioner accordingly. Another sensor checks whether there is still anyone inside. If the room is empty for more than 15 minutes, Xia sends an IR signal to turn the air conditioner off.

This maintains the users’ comfort, since the AC is only turned off when there is no one inside, and it maximizes energy savings by making sure the AC is only turned on when it’s needed. Developers state that it can save anywhere from 30% to 70% on your energy bill.

This energy saving device is completely wireless. It is battery powered and uses advanced battery management features to sleep and wake up in a calculated manner in order to prolong the battery life. It can last for more than a year without changing the batteries.

It can be installed simply by a couple of screws or with a strong double-sided tape. Xia can be configured using one easy-to-use multi-functional button. Using it you can save IR signals, change modes, set durations and test saved signals.

The device is ideal for homes, hotels, and hosts. However, the last two can get the most from this device. A lot of guests leave AC turned on since they do not pay for the electricity. This device will take care of it and will save a lot of money for you.

[The project: Indiegogo]

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