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Newer and More Efficient Solar Cells Simulated by Coppin State University Scientists


Researchers at Coppin State University have announced their latest breakthrough that consists in simulating the most efficient solar cell in the world. The new type of cell is four percent more efficient than those made by Boeing Company’s CA-based Spectrolab, known for simulating solar cells in recent years.

Dr. Jamal Uddin, along with five undergraduate students at the Coppin State Natural Sciences have made this progress possible. They have created cells that work as rechargeable batteries for night vision goggles used at war.

The researchers have managed to break the world record using two softwares: COMSOL and the online software program PC1D. Moreover, they are eager to continue their research aiming to manipulate 50 percent-efficient solar cells by December 2010.

Dr. Uddin declared that “It is really fantastic and encouraging for our university to achieve such exciting results. It was a surprising discovery and now we are excited to proceed with further research in nanotechnology.”

The team will present their research on October 26, sharing their findings with experts in nanotechnology, scholars and visitors.

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