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E.Turbine Extracts Energy From Moving Cars On Highways


A new system that produces electricity and consists of wind turbines is under development. The system, called E. turbine, uses air movement to generate and preserve energy and it also permits the design of new infrastructures in highways.

The E.turbine is made up of wind turbines that are located between lanes, creating a clear demarcation which permits a safer drive. Each turbine stores the produced energy into a battery then distributes it to the grid.

The wind turbines can also work without the air movement caused by cars, using just natural wind to generate clean energy. This feature works at its best when the wind turbines are placed in windy and remote areas.

The E.turbine also features individual batteries that are easier to handle and repair. On the whole, the system offers a new perspective of how the renewable energy can be obtained and contributes to the highways’ safety.

[via Behance]

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