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New Jersey Container Port to Tap Wind Energy Using Five Wind Turbines


According to a Jersey Journal report, New Jersey and the Port Authority of New York plan to power the Port Jersey-Port Authority Marine Terminal with five, 288-ft tall wind turbines erected on a 70-acre site.

These five wind turbines are expected to generate about 7.5 megawatts of power, being enough to provide energy for the port and enough to power 2,000 homes. All excess juice will be transferred to the grid.

The new port will accommodate container ships too tall to pass under the Bayonne Bridge, which are expected to arrive upon the completion of a project to expand the Panama Canal in 2014.

The location was chosen because it receives adequate wind without being too close to Jersey City and Bayonne residents. The Port Authority plans to reduce its 2006 level of greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent until 2050. The agency also wants to sign contracts for the project in the fall, and is currently seeking feedback from industry players to plan the project.

[Source: SmartPlanet]

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