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Modified Daihatsu Mira EV Breaking Record With 627 Miles on a Single Battery Charge


The world’s longest electric car trip has been 555.6km since last November, and has been performed by the Japan Electric Vehicle Club. The same organization now achieved 1,003 km on a single charge (indeed, with 40 km/h), around a race track.

The battery had been created specially by Sanyo, and propelled the modified Daihatsu Mira EV for 27.5 hours around the track, needing 17 drivers behind the wheel during this time.

Japan Electric Vehicle Club is planning to request that the Guiness World Records officially recognize their achievement as the longest electric car trip in the world.

While Renault-Nissan, Toyota,  Tesla and GM try to enter the electric vehicle market as fast as they can, semi-professional organizations like these prove that the 150 miles that the leaf can do on a single charge are easily shaded by far more advanced technologies that wait to be adopted.

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