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Cost-effective Wave Energy From a New Conversion Device


At the Center for Ocean Renewable Energy (‘CORE’) at University of New Hampshire, scientists and specialists have been testing the latest Model 3.1 of Neptune Wave Power, LLC.

This technology is a securely moored offshore buoy that reacts to the irregular movement of waves by creating horizontal pendulum in it. An electric generator receives the rotational energy of the pendulum via an underwater cable system.

Steve Hench, the lead scientist at Neptune Wave Power, states that the aim of their mission is to deliver energy from ocean waves by optimizing the extraction process, and he is proud to announce that the tests performed on Model 3.1 have been very successful so far.

Improvements from the previous 3.0 are associated with overall harvesting of energy from waves.

Neptune Wave Power has patented their technology to use kinetic energy from ocean waves. It is cost-effective and can easily compete with other renewable energy sources.

Via: Energy Harvesting Journal

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