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Credit Suisse Zurich Datacenter Saves Up to 50% Electricity Thanks to Innovative Management System


An innovative method of saving the energy consume by data centers has been invented by EPFL scientists and applied for Credit Suisse in Switzerland. The solution, developed at the Embedded Systems Laboratory at EPFL, will save up to 50% of the energy currently used.

The Power Monitor System and Management uses a set of (probably Hall) sensors connected to the server racks’  main power cables and measures the current passing through. Then, the consumption is logged and sent to a software feedback system that adjusts the load on each server.

“Two servers running at 40% of their capacity each, consume much more than only one at 80%,” said David Atienza, ESL director.

The system has already been implemented on the racks of some 5,200 servers in Credit Suisse‘s Zurich datacenter. The institution had been planning such a “virtualization” approach for about six years.

They’re now happy about the space savings the energy-saving system is able to offer them, by allowing to confine the servers in a smaller place, since heat is no longer one of the biggest issues.

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