Daniel Dingel’s Working Water Powered Car

Daniel-Dingel_filling_water_car_300This is a Daniel Dingel’s water car working with REAL water… through electrolysis. It seems that the re-mix of hydrogen and oxygen actually produces more energy than it takes to split them!

Daniel Dingel from Philippines has made 100 motors work on water and wants to spread them to the world, so any country can reverse engineer it and make something better off it. It’s really amazing how we were taught since kids that water only kills fire… not always!

Daniel Dingel’s water powered car is probably, from what he says, based on the same principle as Stanley Meyer’s car. He converts water to the two gasses (H2 and O) by splitting it using a certain electrical frequency.

It’s well known among free energy groups that hydrogen generators can be made this way, and the fun part is that the power that the water splitting system uses is smaller than the power it outputs (like it does in the case of DC current applied to the same water). Further scientific research has to be done in this field.

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