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Dear Human, Please Use Dear Human’s Tiles Made of Recycled Paper


DSC3884_horBeing a brand new house owner can be very exciting. You have all these ideas for renovating and refurbishing that keep popping up in your head every time you turn around and see another part of what is soon to turn from a ‘house’ to the place you call ‘home’.

One huge advantage of owing a house, as opposed to renting it, is that you can really make it look personal and just the way you want it. It is brilliant if you can make all decorations, including tiles, wallpaper, flooring, etc etc., yourself out of what you have, but if you do not have enough recycled material to use, than why not go for something that has already been made of recycled products. One option could be Dear Human‘s paper tiles– fun, cool, unique, and super eco-friendly.

You must be getting enthusiastic only by looking at the picture- I know I am. These colorful hexagons are essentially a 3-D wallpaper, made entirely of recycled paper pulp that is pressed together in a process that is very similar to the one we showed you some time ago, in How To Make A Bowl Out Of Recycled Paper, but using molds. Each one of the hexagons is about 20mm thick, and can act as an acoustic insulation, thanks to its sound-absorbing qualities. In addition, because they are made of paper, each tile provides the option to the owner to paint or print on it whatever pattern he/she feels like.

These super cool and super eco-friendly tiles provide so many options that you can mix and match and play around as much as you like. You can use them alongside normal ceramic tiles, to achieve different effects, or you can simply play with the shapes themselves. In any case, I am sure you will have fun with them, and you will definitely feel better about yourself, knowing that no extra trees had to die so that you could have colorful wallpaper.

Image (c) Dear Human

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