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Denmark to Develop an Energy Network Powered Entirely by Wind Energy


According to the Danish climate commission, the country will gets its electricity from wind farms, developing an energy network entirely free of fossil fuels by 2050. The committee also said that biomass and wind energy could meet the bulk of the country’s energy requirements.

This switch to renewable energy sources would be much cheaper than continuing to use fossil fuels. Vestas, the most important Danish wind turbine manufacturer, is very excited about the report because it could help Denmark become a leader in wind energy field.

“The report will also send a very clear and important signal to other countries that wind is a sustainable source of energy for future development. This is a great opportunity to solidify Denmark’s reputation as a laboratory for green, CO2-free power technology solutions that are globally required,” said Vestas chief executive Ditlev Engel.

As the report said, the government must immediately allocate about 0.5 percent of its annual GDP to renewable energy sector in order to meet this ambitious plan.

[Source: Guardian]

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